Massage Therapy Solutions      - Providing a Wide Range of Professional Massage Therapy Services
Massage Therapy Solutions offers the following services:

Therapeutic Massage--Your therapist will incorporate a variety of massage styles and techniques designed with your specific needs in mind.  A relaxing, therapeutic massage can aid in recovery from injury or illness, help you manage the stress of daily living or address a myriad of health challenges.

Swedish Massage--These strokes are light and rhythmic, intended to promote relaxation and leave the stress of your day far behind.  Swedish massage is very comfortable, releasing both the mental and physical stresses of your day.  Relax the body and the mind will follow!

Deep Tissue Massage--An approach that gently works through layers of tissue to work out nasty knots or areas of deep tension.  Set aside the notion that Deep Tissue Massage is a painful experience.  At Massage Therapy Solutions, I believe a Deep Tissue Massage should be and can be a relaxing experience.  My unique approach to Deep Tissue Massage is founded in the belief that massage should not be painful, should not leave bruises!  Don't be misled by the word "deep", deep tissue massage is NOT about depth alone.  Deep Tissue Massage IS about working, gently, through layers of tissue in a methodical manner that is grounded in patience and based upon a sound understanding of the muscular anatomy.

Pregnancy Massage--Help alleviate those little aches and pains brought on by the demands of pregnancy.  Pregnancy places huge physical demands on the female body.  Pregnancy massage is specifically devised to provide a response to those demands.

Hot Stone Massage--Basalt stones are heated to comfortable temperature and then incorporated into the massage session.  Hot stones provide a deep, penetrating heat that helps to release tension in the deeper layers of tissue while also providing warmth and relaxation.
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